The Royal Parks follows UK Government and European Union policy on public procurement which is to comply with the various legal requirements in force and to acquire goods, services and works by competition wherever possible.

The Royal Parks currently advertises all tenders valued over £10,000 on the UK Government's Contracts Finder website.

This site enables suppliers to download tender documents for a particular requirement. Tenderers must ensure that their tender submissions are returned to the address stated in the advert before the tender submission deadline. Any tender-related questions should be emailed to

Current Tenders


The Royal parks (TRP) is inviting tenders for the provision of Catering Consultancy and Monitoring Services. The contract duration will be 4 years with the option to extend for an additional 1 year. There are six key elements to the contract a) Annual financial audits of concessions b) Mystery diner audits of concessions c) Advice, project support to and evaluation of catering tenders d) Project support for investment e) Development of catering strategies f) Benchmarking and improvement.

The tender submission deadline is 14:00 on Friday, 28th April 2017. The tender documents can be downloaded below:-

Schedule 1- Background Information and Instructions to Tenderers (DOC 97.5 KB)

Schedule 2 - Specification (DOC 80.5 KB)

Schedule 3 - Pricing Schedule (XLSX 13.86 KB)

Schedule 4 - Tender Response Document (DOC 237.5 KB)

Schedule 5 - Terms and Conditions (DOC 301 KB)

Schedule 6 - Form of Tender
(DOC 43 KB)

Reference Form (DOCX 15.62 KB)

Tender Return Address Label (DOC 29.5 KB)


The Royal Parks  is seeking a first class, experienced operator to deliver a quality catering service in St James’s Park that matches the horticultural excellence of this world-class environment.

A six-year concession contract will be let for the 190 cover (70 internal, 120 external) St James’s Cafe (formerly Inn the Park), with an extension option, commencing in November 2017. The operator will be required to undertake a complete refurbishment of the cafe. Note that this contract will be for the cafe only, the mobiles and kiosks being managed under a separate licence.

The tender pack can be downloaded here (ZIP 17643.83 KB) The deadline for submission of completed selection questionnaires is 14:00 on Tuesday, 18th April.