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The purpose of the code of conduct is to:

  • Encourage responsible use of the park for exercise whilst adhering to social distancing requirements.
  • Avoid conflict between those undertaking fitness activities in the park and other park users.

Rules and guidance

  • Please be patient and give each other space when entering or exiting through park gates
  • Try to exercise in the mornings or late evenings when the park is at its quietest
  • The park is not a gym. Please do not use benches, tables, trees, lamp posts, monuments (or the gravestones in Brompton Cemetery) as gym equipment
  • Do not bring large items of fitness equipment to the park - keep it to handheld sized equipment e.g. yoga mat, kettle bells or resistance bands
  • Walk, don’t run, on busyish paths. There are many paths in our parks so please try to run on the quiet ones
  • Don’t cycle in groups - ride solo and ensure you allow an appropriate space when passing other park users and when waiting at traffic lights.

To keep everybody safe and happy, please don’t:

  • Exercise in gardens or formal areas. Please find some open parkland and leave these areas for those who want to enjoy some quiet space
  • Play amplified music
  • Fix anything to trees, lamp posts, benches, fences or any other structures.

A few minutes of your time can help us to make a huge difference for years to come.