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There are lots of ways you can get involved with Mission: Invertebrate. All activities are completely free and are happening across all eight Royal Parks and Brompton Cemetery, meaning there is a chance for everyone to get involved!

Do you accept the challenge? Check out how you can get involved!

Citizen science projects

Our mission is to discover more about invertebrates in the Royal Parks and by conducting scientific research projects in the parks, we can find out exactly what animals are there, and how they live.

Family events and activities

Join Mission: Invertebrate for a day of storytelling, bug trails, creative crafting and invertebrate missions galore.

Mission: Invertebrate for schools

We’re on a mission to enthuse students of all ages about the wonders of the invertebrate world. Together with our learning partners, we have developed a year-long programme of inspirational free sessions taking place across the eight Royal Parks.