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Download Mission: Invertebrate's free activities and information sheets to see London’s green spaces in a whole new way. Whether you’re at home, in your local park or one of the incredible Royal Parks, these resources will help you and your family discover fascinating nature on your doorstep.

Family learning resources

Beetle Mania
(PDF 1093.4 KB)
Learn about insect body parts by looking at the UK’s largest invertebrate: the stag beetle! Rebuild the beetle by drawing its pieces in the correct places. Suitable for ages 5-11.
Camo Critters
(PDF 1260.27 KB)
Locate the camouflaged critters in this visual search game, followed by a spineless scavenger hunt for invertebrate investigators. Suitable for ages 3-11.
Pollination Party
(PDF 1457.99 KB)
Help a very hungry Buzz find her way to a flower to get a drink of nectar then colour her in to cut out and wear as a mask! Suitable for ages 3-11.
Mixed-up Recyclers
(PDF 1370.1 KB)
Unscramble the jumbled up names to reveal which incredible invertebrates are nature’s recyclers! Can you guess?
What Am I?
(PDF 1372.61 KB)
The two main groups of animals are vertebrates (with a backbone) and invertebrates (no backbone). But can you identify which creatures are which?
We're Going on a Bug Hunt
(PDF 1515.49 KB)
Invertebrates are all around, but sometimes we have to look quite hard to find them. Make it your mission to go out and search for these fantastic creatures.
How to make Cuckoo Spit Foam
(PDF 1358.91 KB)
Have you ever seen frothy bubbles on plant stems and wondered what it is? Learn all about cuckoo spit and how you can make your own!
How to make a Cone Bee
(PDF 999.29 KB)
Make your very own solitary bee with this simple craft project!
How to make Seed Balls
(PDF 2294.27 KB)

Follow our guide to make your own seed balls. Add a pop of wildflower colour to your outdoor space and help pollinators at the same time!

Fastest Invertebrate Race TrackBuild a racetrack and host your very own invertebrate Olympics to see which is the quickest invertebrate in your neighbourhood.

Adult learning resources

Gardening for Biodiversity

Planting for Pollinators
(PDF 1355.24 KB)
Whether you have a garden, porch or windowsill, find out how you can choose plants that not only look fabulous but are loved by invertebrates.
Pollinator Plants - Sunny Gardens
(PDF 4239.16 KB)
Do you have a sunny garden, windowsill or balcony? Find out which sun-loving plants are great sources of food for pollinators, and will look fantastic in your outdoor space. 
Pollinator Plants - Shaded Gardens
(PDF 3882 KB)
Planting for pollinators in shady spots can seem difficult, but there are plenty of shade-tolerant flowering plants that light up darker areas of the garden and provide much-needed food for pollinators.
Wildflower Meadows
(PDF 1107.04 KB)
Our easy-to-follow resource offers advice on creating a wildflower meadow in your garden, or a meadow-in-a-pot for your front steps or windowsill.
Container Ponds
(PDF 1355.63 KB)
A water feature enhances the feel of any garden, and you don't need a huge space or a large budget to be able to create one. Find out how to create your own container pond, and which plants to choose for sunny and shaded locations.
Flower Architecture
(PDF 4473.47 KB)

Over millions of years of evolution, plants and insects have improved the art of pollination. Find out more about how varied flower shapes have evolved to suit particular pollinators, and how growing a wide variety of flower shapes and colours in your garden will help to attract a wider variety of pollinators.

Video resources

Join the Mission: Invertebrate team and guest presenters for our step-by-step video tutorials to help you discover the invertebrates living near your home, and show how you can make your garden, balcony or other outdoor space more welcoming for all sorts of minibeasts.

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New Mission: Invertebrate and Royal Parks' videos are uploaded regularly to our YouTube channel.

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