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Past activities

Below are some examples of events that our team has run in the past. These include drop-in sessions, special sensory sessions and those with a specific fun theme.

Drop-in sessions

Navigator's Club
Learn about maps and finding direction to all the fun things in Greenwich Park by making your own personal compass.
Missing Treasures of Greenwich Park
Can you help the pirates find all their precious jewels and fill up the treasure chest in time? You'll be well rewarded when you create your own custom gold coin designs!
Crack the Code
Your undercover mission (should you choose to accept it) is to make a 'mystery' letter and leave it in a secure and visible location in the playground. You must then find all the remaining letters that other secret agents have left to crack the code and solve the mission. Team up with other agents that can help you!
The Great Pirate Hopper Race
Create your own Pirate Hopper character and race each other to all the deserted islands to claim your treasure.
Calling all Ghouls, Ghosts and Goblins
Join us this All Hallows' Eve for all things spooky. There will be mask making and face painting, spells and potions, candy basket weaving and time to master your Zombie Walk with some races.
Nuts About Nuts
Let's take care of Greenwich Park's animal residents for winter. We will be making nut and seed feeders for squirrels and birds, and making hedgehog homes for them to snuggle down into.
Changing of the Seasons
Explore the changing of the season's mythologies from around the world with mask making and symbols to hang up around the playground.
Galactic Games @ Asteroid Field
Launching space hoppers and rocket relays as we mission across the galaxies.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Join us as we lift off our imaginations into outer space. Create your own rocket ships and alien characters whilst practising your moon walk.
Pirate Island Games
Warm up this winter with some swashbuckling pirate island adventure games.
'Tis the season for a Pirate Treasure Hunt
Make and don your pirate outfit before mucking in and finding as many jewels as you can.
2020 New Year Games
Jump, run, skip, into the New Year with fun-filled field games at the park.

School holiday sensory sessions (set of 3)

Sensory Session 1: Touch
Explore the Orchard focusing on textures we find and what properties those materials have. Make a newspaper pot plant.
Sensory Session 2: Smell
What smells are in the Orchard? Why are smells important? Go on a 'smell hunt' and make a rainbow sugar scrub with essential oils to take home.
Sensory Session 3: Taste
Explore the Orchard and the tastes you might find here. Find out about your tongue and how it works! Look at different foods and how we might sort them according to colour, taste and texture.

Pirate themed sessions

Pirate Session 1: Flag Making and Navigation
Come aboard the pirate ship! Make your own personalised pirate flag and learn to navigate the high seas, play Captain's table and learn how to use a compass.
Pirate Session 2: Make a Galleon
Make a galleon from recycled materials and test your ship on the high seas, discover map reading and make your own map.
Pirate Session 3: Pirate Walk
Using our map skills our motley crew will take a pirate walk through Greenwich Park finding 'treasure' along the way!
Pirate Session 4: Pirate Hat and Treasure Chest
Our voyage is complete and we will make a personalised pirate hat and a treasure chest from recycled materials.

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