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Camouflaged dummy tank in Kensington Gardens © IWM (Q 17701)

Aerial surveillance and trench warfare during the First World War meant that camouflaging military positions, storage and activities was crucial on the Western Front. So in 1916, a ‘school’ for demonstrating and experimenting with camouflage was set up in Kensington Gardens.

In September 2017, we’ll be exploring camouflage techniques and the history of the Camouflage School at Kensington Gardens. Come and find out more with activities for adults and children!

Come and find out more

17 September 2017 - come and take a tour of a trench, find out about WW1 veg growing and discover how the Camouflage School in Kensington Gardens changed the appearance of warfare.

24 September 2017 - all the above and more: same time, same place as Kensington Gardens' Harvest Festival.