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We need your help!

We're seeking volunteers to help us make this project come alive. We've got speed volunteering tasks, roles that span the next two years, opportunities for people with expertise and ways to get involved if this is the first time you've ever considered getting involved in a heritage project.

Take a look at our current opportunities

Build a trench

Help us build and decorate a trench in the middle of Kensington Gardens (no digging involved) and bring our history as a WW1 test ground for trenches to life.

Share our history

Join us to run activities and events which explore history with school groups, community groups and the general public in new and interesting ways.

Research our past

There's still so much to find out! We're looking for volunteers interested in researching how WW1 changed people's lives at home and on the frontline - and how that changed the Parks. Whether you're an experienced researcher or want to try it for the first time, we've got questions we'd like you to answer.

Is there something else you'd like to help with?

Get in touch with Eleanor on with your ideas.