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Inspire your secondary school students! Learning outside the classroom can have a transformational effect on your students’ education and personal development.

With the focus on practical hands-on learning across the different national curriculum areas, your class will be fascinated by nature through fieldwork opportunities and expert tuition, and have the opportunity to explore a range of fieldwork equipment.

The LookOut Discovery Centre and the surrounding wildlife habitats of Hyde Park offer a perfect environment for your students to build confidence and deepen their understanding as they apply knowledge gained in the classroom to the surrounding natural spaces. Our new brochure is now available.

By choosing from our selection of curriculum mapped modules, you will be able to tailor the trip to meet your learning objectives. Fill in our form to enquire about a visit today!

Find out more about our programmes for key stage 3 (KS3), key stage 4 (KS4) and post-16.

KS3 sessions

Our key stage 3 (KS3) sessions at The LookOut, Hyde Park bring learning to life for young people aged 11 to 14 years.

KS4 sessions

Our key stage 4 (KS4) sessions at The LookOut, Hyde Park bring learning to life for young people aged 14 to 16 years.

Post-16 sessions

The LookOut, Hyde Park provides the perfect base for A-level and International Baccalaureate fieldwork.

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