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Our key stage 4 (KS4) sessions at The LookOut Discovery Centre, Hyde Park bring learning to life for young people aged 14 to 16 years. Uncover, discover and be inspired by the natural world!

You can book either a half or full-day session. Two half day sessions may be combined to make a full day. In the list below sessions are half day length unless otherwise stated. Once you’ve selected your sessions, just fill in our enquiry form and we can arrange your visit.


Adaptations for survival

Investigate how aquatic and terrestrial animals are adapted for survival. Students use fieldwork techniques to collect organisms from aquatic and terrestrial habitats and identify adaptations for moving, feeding, breathing, avoiding predation and finding mates. There is the opportunity to study some of the organisms using microscopes. Students will produce scientific drawings of a terrestrial and aquatic organism and compare their adaptations for surviving in different habitats.

Practical investigation day – full day session

Become an ecologist for the day and undertake scientific investigations in Hyde Park. Students gain practical experience of conducting scientific investigations, including generating hypotheses, producing risk assessments and field sketches, collecting biotic and abiotic data, and using data to draw conclusions. Students use a range of fieldwork techniques and sampling methods to survey pond and meadow habitats.

Investigating Hyde Park and its role in urban sustainability – full day session

Your group will investigate the role of Hyde Park in London today, following a geographical route of enquiry. They’ll develop and test their own hypotheses to compare two contrasting sites within the park. Students learn about how the park is managed while creating land use maps and measuring human impacts and biodiversity. This session gives students the chance to use GIS (geographic information system) and a range of fieldwork equipment including quadrats and anemometers. They will evaluate the park’s contribution to sustainable urban living in London, and use The LookOut’s grounds and facilities to review their investigation and present their findings.

All about maps – the Hyde Park challenge – full day session

The LookOut provides a perfect base for students to learn a range of cartographic skills. Uncover the hidden secrets of the park as your group completes the Hyde Park Challenge, honing their GIS (geographic information system) skills along the way. Your students are introduced to a variety of maps and skills including using coordinates, measuring distance, height and gradient, and navigating with a compass.

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