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The Royal Parks are magical places where people of all ages can connect with nature in the heart of London.

‘Green Fingers in the Park‘ is a project where children and local community groups can join our gardeners and education team to get their hands dirty, learn about nature and make a real difference to their local green space.

Since launching in spring 2013, over 2,500 local school children and volunteers have helped to plant over 200,000 bulbs, providing vital natural habitats for wildlife and giving millions of visitors an array of colour to enjoy as they stroll through Hyde Park.

Green Fingers in the Park has been made possible by the fantastic fundraising efforts of all our supporters. Thank you for helping us keep the magic of the parks alive, now and in the future.

Daffodils in the Park

In October 2013, 600 school children from the Francis Holland School Sloane Square and other local London schools, planted 60,000 daffodils by the Serpentine, Hyde Park.

Snowdrops in the Park

Last March over 1000 local school children and volunteers helped to plant 100,000 snowdrops in Hyde Park – our biggest project to date in the Green Fingers in the Park programme.

Bluebells in the Park

In March 2013, 400 local school children from Thomas's Kensington, and other local schools, planted 40,000 native bluebells in Hyde Park to create a new wildflower meadow.

Family days

Our 22 March 2014 we held a public planting day where visitors from around the world helped us plant thousands of snowdrops in Hyde Park.