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We have introduced an annual registration scheme for commercial skating instruction following a consultation and review of a temporary registration scheme.

An overwhelming majority of those who responded said we should allow commercial skating instruction in the parks, and we have considered this, as well as information from the temporary registration scheme, in deciding to launch an annual registration scheme.

To help regulate the activity and to bring it in line with other commercial activities within the parks, the annual registration scheme will be introduced from April 1, at a cost of £150, for up to 15 hours instruction in the parks per week. We will consider any applications for instruction over 15 hours per week on a case-by-case basis.

The cost has been calculated following a temporary registration scheme last year which provided us with information about the number and location of lessons.

If you wish to carry out commercial skating instruction in the Royal Parks please ensure you register online via our registration page.

On this page:

Fees and charges for Commercial Skating Instructors

The Registration Fee is £150 per instructor plus VAT. A Registration Fee is required for the maximum number of instructors working simultaneously in the park at any one time from the same organisation and is limited to a total of 15 hours per week

The Registration Period shall run from 1 April - 31 March  inclusive in any year.

The fee will be calculated from the date you wish to start operating on a monthly pro rata basis.

Replacement charge for lost armbands £20 (inc VAT)

About Commercial Skating Instructor Registration

From 1 April 2015 Commercial skating instructors who operate their business in a Royal Park must be registered. The registration enables commercial skating instructors to operate in six of the Royal Parks (not St James Park or The Green Park).

Under the Park Regulations, it is an offence to operate a commercial enterprise in the Royal Parks without permission.

Why register commercial skating instructors?

Registering commercial skating instructors ensures:

  • the parks are protected
  • access to and use of public open space is preserved for all visitors
  • park visitors can benefit from, enjoy and engage in skating training in a variety of outdoor environments
  • skating trainers hold appropriate qualifications, are fully insured and hold liability for participant's safety.

Registration will enable The Royal Parks to regulate the numbers of commercial skating instructors who operate in the parks to ensure appropriate levels of use.

If you wish to operate a commercial skating instructor business in a Royal Park

You must register online. Applications will take approximately 2-4 weeks to process. If you are a new applicant, you cannot operate your business in the parks until approval has been given.

If you employ multiple instructors, each instructor will need to be registered if they are working in the parks at the same time. However if they operate at different times, registration can be transferred between employees but not outside of the business.

Metropolitan Police will direct unregistered commercial skating instructors to register and their details will be recorded. Repeat offenders may be escorted out of the park.

Requirements for commercial skating instructors in the Royal Parks

The terms and conditions (PDF 133.53 KB) and the skating policy (PDF 164.7 KB) outline the requirements commercial skating instructors must abide by when operating in the Royal Parks.

How to register as a commercial skating instructor

One Registration covers six Royal Parks (not St James's Park or The Green Park).

Registration and the associated armbands are transferable within a skating instructor company - for example, if a company purchases three licenses, then three skating instructors can access the Royal Parks simultaneously. They are not transferable to another organisation.

The Registration fees and charges are applicable for a year, starting on 1 April and expiring on 31 March. Registration after the beginning of the year will be charged on a monthly proportional basis.

To register as a Commercial Skating Instructor:

  1. Read the terms and conditions for Commercial Skating Instructor and the Skating Policy
  2. Fill out the registration form and attach the following documents:
    • Evidence of Public Liability Insurance £2 million
    • A signed and dated risk assessment and method statement to cover your sessions and a brief written policy on your emergency procedures (First Aid, Accident Reporting)
    • Evidence of UKCC Level 2 qualification of similar
    • Evidence of DSB check if working with children or vulnerable adults

Allow 2 weeks for processing and, if approved, pay the registration fees and charges.

You will be issued with a Royal Parks armband.

Replacement for lost or stolen armbands

If an armband is lost or stolen, the Commercial Skating Instructor will need to report this to the park office. The stolen armband will be invalidated. Replacement armbands can be applied for through The Royal Parks and an admin fee of £20 will be charged.

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