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Being a licensed professional dog walker provides the exciting opportunity to undertake your work in some truly unique and world renowned environments. If you wish to use the Royal Parks for professional dog walking purposes you must be licensed.

We license operators to ensure that:

  • the parks and wildlife are protected
  • access to and use of public open space is maintained for all visitors
  • professional dog walkers are complying with current health and safety and best industry practice for the safety and enjoyment of their dogs and staff
  • all professional dog walkers are fully insured and hold liability for participant's safety
  • professional activities that are undertaken in the Royal Parks help contribute to the costs of our infrastructure

As a licensed professional dog walker your business will be listed on our website.

For non-professional dog walkers, view our guidance and advice for walking dogs in the Royal Parks.

Apply for a Licence

Register and apply for a Royal Parks Professional Dog Walking Licence.

About the Professional Dog Walking Licence

Find out about The Royal Parks Professional Dog Walking Licence including how to apply, the requirements for dog walkers and how to identify a licensed dog walker.

Fees and charges for the Professional Dog Walking Licence

Find out the costs for Professional Dog Walking licences in the Royal Parks.

List of licensed dog walkers

View a list of licensed professional dog walkers who operate in the Royal Parks.

Code of conduct for Professional Dog Walking licence holders

Professional dog walkers must agree to abide by the code of conduct for professional dog walkers at all times.

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