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As the nights draw in and the cold settles, it’s tempting to nestle down behind closed doors in the warmth of your home waiting for Christmas to arrive. But throw off the blankets and break free of the temptation by embracing the beautiful crisp and ice frosted days with some fun and festive activities in Hyde Park and Richmond Park this December.

Identify natural signs for navigation using the sun, wind, plants and animals

This fun workshop from our Bushcrafts series will help you identify natural signs for navigation using the sun, wind, plants and animals.

Natural navigation is a traditional skill for finding direction using signs in nature to tell if you are facing north, south, east or west. You will deepen your connection with nature and heighten your senses while getting to know trees in Hyde Park, learning how to identify them from their buds, twigs, bark and shape.

Get in the festive spirit and discover more about seasonal folklore, traditions and feasts

As Christmas approaches, join our expert guide in Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens for a walking tour to discover how Queen Victoria and her consort Prince Albert introduced many of the traditions we recognise today. See first-hand where the geese were traditionally fattened for Christmas dinner and discover many other interesting facts such as why the robin features on Christmas cards!

What can be more magical than a carriage ride in beautiful Richmond Park?

This festive season, we’ve teamed up with Operation Centaur to bring you a six-person Park Brake drawn by our majestic Shire Horses, allowing you to experience Richmond Park like never before.

After enjoying some festive refreshments, you will take your place in the carriage under warm blankets, embarking on a 60-minute ride through the park in all its stark winter beauty! You'll also be treated to a unique behind-the-scenes visit of the working stables.

30 November 2016