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Rivelino: Nuestros Silencios (Our Silences) in Victoria Tower Gardens

An exhibition organised by The Embassy of Mexico in London in association with The Royal Parks
(14 January - 11 February 2011)

To mark the bicentenary of Mexico's independence and the centennial of the Mexican Revolution, the Embassy of Mexico in London, with the support of The Royal Parks, presents an exhibition of sculptures by Mexican artist, Rivelino, in Victoria Tower Gardens.

Nuestros Silencios (Our Silences) is a work featuring ten monumental bronze sculptures. Each measuring almost four metres in height and weighing close to a tonne, the ten imposing figures stand in a circle. A metal plate covers the figures' mouths, symbolising the importance of individual and collective freedom of expression.

The exhibition arrives in London after Lisbon, Madrid, Brussels, Rome and Berlin, and will appear next in Paris. Moving across Europe, Nuestros Silencios continues to transmit its powerful social message: the need for freedom of expression. The exhibition forms part of Westminster Council's "City of Sculpture" Festival.

Rivelino commented: "It is a great honour to show my work as part of Westminster Council's 'City of Sculpture' festival, and I am immensely grateful to the support of The Mexican Embassy in London and The Royal Parks for making this possible."

Alistair Raphael, Head of Arts, The Royal Parks said: The Royal Parks is delighted to welcome 'Our Silences' as part of celebrations for the centenary of the Mexican revolution and the bicentenary of Mexican Independence. Victoria Tower Gardens is a fitting setting for the exhibition. The space is shared with Emmeline Pankhurst and the Buxton Memorial, dedicated to the abolition of slavery, as well as Rodin's Burgers of Calais. All point to the struggle for dignity and equality: 'Our Silences' continues this sculptural tradition.

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Notes to Editors

About Rivelino:

  • Rivelino was born in Jalisco, Mexico in 1973 and is one of Mexico's most important contemporary plastic artists.
  • Rivelino has experimented with a variety of materials, shapes and topics for over 15 years, managing the interaction of different materials such as clay and metal, in both small and monumental formats. His most recent works are public interventions which investigate the relationship between the spectator and the artwork, as in Nuestros Silencios.

About Victoria Tower Gardens:

  • Victoria Tower Gardens is the site of other sculptures, including "The Burghers of Calais" by Rodin; the statue of suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst, and the Buxton Memorial Fountain, which commemorates the abolition of slavery.

About The Royal Parks:

  • The Royal Parks is an executive agency of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.
  • The Royal Parks are: Bushy Park, The Green Park, Greenwich Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, The Regent's Park and Primrose Hill, Richmond Park and St James's Park. The agency also manages Victoria Tower Gardens, Brompton Cemetery, the gardens of 10, 11 and 12 Downing Street, and Grosvenor Square Gardens. For further information please visit:
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