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Thank you to everyone who completed the Brompton Cemetery visitor survey questionnaire. The results are helping us to improve the project designs and prioritise future maintenance. A total of 381 surveys were completed during summer 2014 and the report on the findings will shortly be online.

The Visitor Survey was available on The Royal Parks website from 18 July to 17 October 2014 and was promoted via social media, posters around the cemetery and its entrances, newsletters, events and at stakeholder meetings. A public consultation workshop was held on 4 October 2014. Visitor observation and questionnaire surveys were also undertaken in 2013.

The majority of respondents walk to the Cemetery (72.9%) and most travel for less than 10 minutes, suggesting that they are local. However, the ethnicity of those filling in questionnaires does not match that of the population living nearby and the Brompton Cemetery Conservation Project is aiming to encourage better access to and greater engagement with this beautiful landscape.

The main reason given for visiting Brompton Cemetery was to relax, exercise and to visit the graves of friends or relatives.  The overall satisfaction with Brompton Cemetery was rated a 7.4 (10 being the highest satisfaction rating). Respondents were most satisfied with the tranquillity of the Cemetery. Comments from respondents included the wish to see better dog control, public toilets and improvements to the setting of graves.

The majority of respondents agree or strongly agree with the siting of public toilets, a cafe, information centre and volunteer facilities in the north lodge. Only 19% disagree or strongly disagree with these facilities being housed in an extension, with 67% in support and 14% neutral. Many respondents would like to have more activities and events in the chapel, such as musical concerts.

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