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The Royal Parks are developing a new storytelling and learning area at Brompton Cemetery and each season we have invited children aged 7-11 to enter our seasonal poetry competitions.

We’ve been looking for short, 20-line poems inspired by the sounds, smells and sights of walks in nature.

Words from the winning entries (below) will be carved into stone and placed in the new storytelling area.

Winter's winning poem (2021)

Winter Beauty

by Evie (Aged 10)

Walking across the field
A blanket of white snow,
Winter creates more beauty
Than we will ever know.

Her artistic hand draws patterns
Of intricate ice and frost,
But then they disappear
They are forever lost.

She makes rhythmic music with
Her drums of freezing hail.
The wind is the harmony,
A wonderful, wild wail.

Her watery sun casts light
From low down in the sky,
Across it dart the silhouettes
Of redwings as they fly.

Retracing footsteps back
Over the snow-covered field
A fierce joy fills my heart
Winter's beauty now revealed.

Autumn's winning poem (2020)

This is Terrific Fun

by Anaia

If you want to have fun,
Then wait for the autumn to come.
You can dive in the leaves,
Which fall from the trees.
That is terrific fun!

If your favourite colour is red,
Then quickly get out of bed.
Stop lying on your chest,
To see nature at it’s best.
That is terrific fun!

If you like the sound,
Of conkers on the ground.
You can throw them at trees,
They land on the leaves.
That is terrific fun!

If you like the smell,
Of conkers in their shell.
Then search in the puddles,
That will give you a chuckle.
That is terrific fun!

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