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The USAAF memorial was installed by the Royal Air Force in memory of colleagues in the US 8th Army Air Force who occupied the camp site here from 1942.

This tablet, east of Teddington Gate, marks the site of Camp Griffiss. It is inscribed with the words: "It is through fraternity that liberty is saved".

It also commemorates the Berlin Airlift, which was coordinated from Camp Griffiss after World War II ended. Camp Griffiss was the heavily camouflaged base from which General Eisenhower planned Operation Overlord in 1944. The camp once housed 3000 men and was named after Lieutenant colonel Townsend Griffiss, the first US airman to die in the line of duty in Europe after the US entered World War II.

In 1999, HRH the Prince of Wales unveiled a plaque to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the lifting of the blockade on Berlin.

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