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Upcoming events in Bushy Park

Find out about upcoming events in Bushy Park.

Diana Fountain

The highlight of the formal park is the famous Diana Fountain, regarded as one of the most important sculptures in Britain.

The Upper Lodge Water Gardens

The Upper Lodge Water Gardens comprise of a Baroque-style collection of pools, cascades, basins and a canal.

Waterhouse Woodland Garden

Created in the 20th century, The Woodland Gardens are located in the south-east corner of Bushy Park and include the Waterhouse and Pheasantry Plantations.


Find out more about the incredible range of wildlife and habitats within Bushy Park's walls.

Bushy Park Playground

The Bushy Park Playground is located near the Diana Fountain and the Hampton Court Gate entrance.

Sport in Bushy Park

Find out about sport in Bushy Park including rugby, tennis and fishing.

Memorials and statues

Find out about the memorials and statues in Bushy Park.