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Bushy Park is very fortunate to have a small population of Water Voles around the Longford River - although a visitor would be very lucky to see one.

"Ratty" from Wind in the Willows was in fact a water vole. These delightful creatures are under serious threat and a UK priority species for conservation. Current evidence suggests that Bushy Park's population may be declining and we are working to try to ensure their survival.

The mix of woodland and grassland areas in Bushy Park makes it ideal for many other small mammals. Rabbits, voles, mice and shrews are common, and hedgehogs are still to be found in good numbers although they have disappeared from most of the parks in inner London.

The varied habitat, good insect populations and the availability of tree roost sites also makes the park ideal for bats - no fewer than seven bat species were recorded in 2004.

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