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The Green Park is the smallest of the eight Royal Parks and along with St James's it is one of the busiest. The area has gone through a number of major changes and redesigns over its 350 years as a Royal Park and has witnessed duels, firework displays, artillery salutes and promenading grandees.

As a consequence the natural undulating landscape of grass and mature trees is not the richest of wildlife sites, and we are looking at ways in which we can further improve its wildlife value.

Nevertheless, The Green Park is an attractive and tranquil place and all year round visitors can enjoy seeing common birds such as blackbird, starling, and tits. In the winter, migrant birds like redwing and fieldfare are often spotted foraging in groups amongst the grass.

Flowers and Beddings

During spring more than 250,000 daffodils burst into life, making The Green Park yellow for a few glorious weeks.


Trees in The Green Park primarily consist of plane and lime. Both are of great benefit to the surrounding area.

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