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Forget the Australian Open, the biggest tennis match this week was a head to head between staff from Greenwich Park and tennis providers, Will to Win.

The inaugural game was organised to celebrate the refurbishment of the six tennis courts in Greenwich Park funded by Royal Parks, Will to Win, and London Marathon Trust.

The courts were suffering from poor drainage, reducing play after wet weather. As a result of the works the tennis courts are now playable all year. Other benefits include new nets, posts and straps, and improved court layout to maximise space. In spring, the tennis courts will be repainted, which will have the added bonus of improving grip.

Greenwich Park Manager, Graham Dear said:

"We gave as good as we got, but the staff from Will to Win are professional tennis coaches so they were always going to win!

"With the meridian line passing straight through one of the courts, this is probably one of the few places in the world where you can play across two hemispheres."

Greenwich Park tennis centre is open to the public and requires no membership.  Courts are free for under 16s, Monday-Friday, 3-6pm (walk on basis).

A few minutes of your time can help us to make a huge difference for years to come.