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The Two Bears Fountain was designed by Kenneth Keeble-Smith and the sculpture depicts two small Bear shaped bronze figures mounted on a pedestal, with four stone basins serviced by push button taps.


The fountain is located close to the Italian Fountains.


The drinking fountain is used by many for a water source and is popular with joggers and attractive to the great number of children that visit the nearby sculpture of Peter Pan.


  • 1939: Presented
    It was presented by the Metropolitan Drinking Fountain Association in 1939 to the Ministry of Public Works.
  • 1967: Stolen
    The original sculpture was stolen by thieves.
  • 1970: Replaced
    A copy of the stolen sculpture was created and replaced.
  • 2003: Restored
    In 2003 Carillion Services improved the water drains as the surrounding area was often covered with a large puddle. They dismantled and rebuilt the drinking fountain replacing the internal lead pipes with new plastic water pipes. The statue work was repositioned away from the tree canopy to help prevent the statue from being covered by leaves and bird droppings.

    The statue was moved 7.5 metres north-east, together with the realignment of the footpaths which reduces the large expanse of tarmac, this area was replaced with grass. The two lines of granite sets, and a new tarmac surface was laid and graded to ensure that the surrounds drain into new gullies. The final hard surface was completed using tar spray and chip to match the existing tarmac footpaths in Kensington Gardens.

    The overall, aim of the restoration was to create a better setting in the landscape.
  • 2019: Attempted theft
    The much loved Two Bears Fountain was loved so much by one individual that they decided to try and take them Fortunately, they didn’t get far with the statue and the statue is now awaiting repairs before being reinstated for all to enjoy once again.

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