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We would like you to enjoy your visit to Isabella Plantation but please help to protect and conserve the Plantation for this and future generations of visitors by observing the following rules:

  • Keep out of ponds and streams. Trampling causes erosion to bank edges and damages habitat.
  • Do not climb trees or walk in beds or borders. Isabella Plantation contains many rare and unusual trees and shrubs. Climbing trees can break branches and trampling beds causes root compaction.
  • Take litter home or dispose of it within the bins provided outside the main gates or in car parks. Litter is unsightly and encourages squirrels and other vermin which cause considerable damage to trees and shrubs.
  • Do not light barbecues or fires. Fires cause damage to the garden, its plant collection and wildlife.
  • Do not take or disturb plants, fruits, fungi or wood. It deprives wildlife of food and harms biodiversity.
  • Do not release plants or animals. Introductions from gardens, ponds and aquaria can threaten the park's natural flora and fauna.
  • Dispose of dog waste in the bins provided outside the main gates and within car parks. Dog faeces are anti-social, a health threat to humans and wildlife, and the nutrients damage grassland habitats.
  • Always keep dogs under control and on leads. Dogs can kill, injure and disturb waterfowl and wildlife and damage habitats.
  • Do not play ball games. Stray balls can damage plants.
  • Do not cycle, skate or use scooters within the Plantation. Paths are for the use of pedestrians. Cycle parking is available at both of the Plantation's main gates.
  • Do not feed birds. Foods such as bread, cakes and crisps are not part of their natural diet and cause harm to birds and their habitat.

Download and print the Tread Lightly Leaflet (PDF 194.06 KB).

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