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Bird life in Richmond Park is hugely varied with around 144 species recorded over the last 10 years and 63 breeding species, including all three native woodpeckers, kestrels, owls and a range of waterfowl.

Ring-necked parakeets have rapidly increased in recent years and their raucous cries are now one of the most commonly heard sounds of the park.

Several ground nesting species that breed in the acid grassland of the park have suffered a serious national decline including the skylark, reed bunting, stonechat and meadow pipit. The grey partridge is another threatened grassland bird that was once common in the park, however the last known breeding was in 1997.

We are working hard to conserve our ground nesting birds. You can help too by keeping dogs on a short lead and by staying on the paths where requested (look out for signs during the breeding season). These simple measures by visitors have helped to more than double the number of skylark breeding territories in grassland near the Pen Ponds since 2001.

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Dawn Chorus 14th May 2020

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