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Road works are taking place from the 3rd of September for 6 weeks at different locations across Richmond Park

Kingston Gate - 3rd to 7th September

  • Park gates closed to cars, cyclists use pedestrian gates Wednesday – Friday
  • Roundabout open but operating with 2-way traffic lights at times
  • Cyclists using paths and pedestrian gates

Sheen - 10th to 14th September

  • Sheen gates Road and pedestrian gates as usual
  • Works in road on 2-way light causing delays
  • Car park closed to resurface drive
  • Road to White Lodge, Royal Ballet school will be closed – staff delivery and residents to drive via pen ponds
  • Sheen cross roundabout will operate on 2-way lights. With 2-way lights at roundabout

Roehampton - 17th to 18th September

  • Roehampton Gate closed for works in carriage way between gate and roundabout
  • Roundabout still in operation with 2-way lights at times

Richmond Gate Roundabout to Pembroke Lodge - 19th to 21st September

  • Richmond Gate remains open

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