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The term “powered transporters” covers a variety of novel personal transport devices which are propelled by a motor as well as, or instead of, being manually propelled. It includes e-scooters, Segway’s, hoverboards, go-peds, powered unicycles, and u-wheels. The use of powered transporters on public roads and pavements is illegal in the UK. The Parks and other open spaces managed by The Royal Parks are principally places for quiet recreation and where pedestrians have priority.  For that reason, we have concerns about any proposals to legalise the use of powered transporters.  We believe that their speed and stealth present an unacceptable risk to pedestrians, particularly those with mobility challenges, or with a visual or hearing impairment.  Allowing them to operate in the parks could therefore discourage those who wish to walk to and through the parks and undermine the peace and ambience of the green spaces.  The Royal Parks does not, and has no plans to, permit the use of powered transporters on the land it manages.

Wet ground conditions

The park received very heavy footfall in 2020 due to coronavirus lock-downs and many places became bare ground with worn out grass.  This winter we are struggling with frosts, snow and heavy rain causing wet ground conditions on the worn-out grass.  Visitor numbers remain extremely high in the current third lock down and instead of recovering, the ground is becoming far muddier than ever seen before!  It can be difficult to walk on unsurfaced paths and very slippery underfoot.  Please take care and consider your safety.  Surface routes are very busy at present so please wear appropriate footwear such as wellies or boots! Please also consider other park users during these anxious times - giving way to others when manoeuvring puddles will help to ensure social distancing.

Toilet refurbishments

Works are currently underway to refurbish Petersham toilets.  Once complete the contractors will also refurbish Richmond, Kingston and Robin Hood toilets in order.  Each location will need to be closed in turn for the duration of works and signs with the ‘planned’ dates are displayed on site, but subject to change.  The 20p charge will still apply to the toilets that are NOT next to cafes or playgrounds, these being Richmond, Sheen, Kingston and Robin Hood gates.  The pay to use equipment has also been changed to work by debit card and not coins.  All disabled loos are free to use and are accessible with a RADAR key.

Mixed flocks of Tits

There are four species of Tit commonly seen in the Park.  Those being Blue Tit, Great Tit, Coal Tit and the Long-Tailed Tit. At this time of year, they can often be seen in mixed flocks moving from tree to tree to feed and working together to look out for predators.  If you feed birds in your garden, you may find that your feeders are either inundated with the whole flock - or strangely quiet!

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