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Boost the biodiversity of London’s Royal Parks by adopting the wildlife.

The Royal Parks provide 5,000 acres of precious habitat in the urban jungle to thousands of species of birds, mammals, invertebrates and plant life. A donation of just £25 will help us to protect these habitats for years to come.

Adopting the wildlife of the Royal Parks, whether to say happy birthday, as a tribute in memory of a loved one, or by way of a donation to the parks, is a wonderful gift to give. You will receive a personalised certificate, thank you letter, information leaflet and pin badge.

Adopt a rose

Our rose collections are some of the finest in the world. Adopt a rose and help support the beautiful horticulture.

Adopt a deer

Over 1,000 deer roam across three of London’s Royal Parks. Adopt a deer to help us preserve these majestic animals in the heart of London.

Adopt a duck

Dozens of species of ducks live on our 21 lakes and ponds. If you want to protect these loveable birds, adopt a duck today!

Adopt a hedgehog

Hedgehogs are an iconic part of British life yet there’s been a worrying nationwide decline. Help by adopting a hedgehog today.

Adopt a woodpecker

The green woodpecker is one of our most striking native birds, but sadly their numbers are declining. Help buck this trend and adopt a woodpecker today.

Adopt the trees

There are over 170,000 trees playing a vital role in London’s Royal Parks. Adopting the trees is the ideal gift for tree and park lovers alike.

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