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Jarlsberg is the official Food Festival partner for the Royal Parks Half Marathon.

Royal Parks Half Marathon

Jarlsberg is the perfect snack for pre and post training. It’s ideal for runners as it is low in salt, has 8% less fat than traditional cheddar and has 27% protein content. Runners can also add it to meals and enjoy Jarlsberg as part of a healthy diet and active lifestyle.The Jarlsberg Big Cheese Melt Van will be at the Food Festival on race day, providing samples for runners to enjoy after their half marathon challenge.

About Jarlsberg

Jarlsberg, known for its distinctively creamy texture, sweet and nutty taste and large, round holes is available in slices and wedges as well as a full 10kg wheel from your local high street retailer or delicatessen! For more information or to create your own pre or post-race Jarlsberg recipe, visit the Jarlsberg website.

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