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Camouflage School Public Open Day

  • Event details

  • Sunday 24th Sep 2017

    11am - 4pm

    Kensington Gardens

Did you know that during WWI, Kensington Gardens was the site of Britain’s first ever Camouflage School?

From papier-mâché soldiers to ships inspired by leopards, the Army experimented with different ways to mislead the enemy, right in the middle of London.

Or that the Army recreated No Man’s Land right here?

To help soldiers get to grips with trench construction, warfare, and living, Kensington Gardens was turned into a small slice of the Western Front.

What about how the view from Kensington Palace was of radishes, not roses?

Growing-your-own became an important part of the diet and Kensington Gardens led the way with a 'model allotment'.

Come and explore the history of Kensington Gardens and a world of camouflage in war – from disguising horses as zebras to building tanks out of cardboard through events & activities. Take a tour through a trench with the 10 Essex Regiment Living History Group and track down the real life trenches dug out during the First World War. Take a photo with a picturesque, practical and patriotic lady preventing potato blight and find out what families ate during WW1 - if they were lucky enough to have an allotment.

A whole day of activities for all ages.

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