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Link up live with The Royal Parks' Learning team for a unique interactive experience for your students. These curriculum-linked sessions use a blend of video conferencing, pre-recorded video and exciting classroom resources (posted to you in advance) to inspire your students to explore the parks' incredible environments. We are currently running an introductory offer for these sessions, with a limited number available for free - please see our "Before your session" page for more details.

Grow your classroom

Bring the wonder of Hyde Park right into your classroom with this informative hands-on virtual workshop. Your children will explore a selection of plants using all their senses, discover what plants need to survive and learn about seed dispersal. They’ll take a close look at the parts of a plant and their functions, then use the kit you'll receive in the post to plant an edible indoor garden suitable for all times of year to grow (and eat!) in your classroom – a learning resource that will inspire fascination long after the session.

Suitable for: KS2 Duration: 45 minutes

Navigate Hyde Park

Bring Hyde Park into your classroom with a Virtual Orienteering challenge around Hyde Park. Students will learn to use a compass, map and key. They will then compete against each other in a challenge to navigate one of our team members around Hyde Park in real time. Earn points by adding the landmarks we pass onto maps and directing a member of the learning team using bearings and scales.

Suitable for: KS2 Duration: 90 minutes (split into two parts - first half pre-recorded, second half live)

In the parks

We’re ready to welcome you and your students back to the Royal Parks with our specially adapted safe and secure outdoor learning provision. All sessions remain curriculum-linked to meet learning outcomes but additionally give children a great and much needed opportunity to get outside and explore. Sessions are priced at £110+VAT for a class of up to 30 children.

Choose from one of the following options:


Hyde Park

Explore our pond and log circles to discover a wealth of wildlife in our enclosed wildlife garden. Begin to classify organisms into groups and discover who eats who!

Suitable for: KS2 Duration: 2 hours


Kensington Gardens, Brompton Cemetery or The Green Park

Explore the wilder parts of these heritage locations and discover a wealth of wildlife hiding in their nooks and crannies. We’ll look at the different tree species and watch the birds with binoculars from a hiding place. If we’re lucky we’ll spot a sunbathing fox!

Suitable for: KS2 Duration: 2 hours

Explore the parks

Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, St James’s Park or Brompton Cemetery

A cross-curricula session of exploration looking at seasonal changes to plants and animal behaviour. We’ll hunt for signs of autumn before learning how to use a compass to navigate our way through the trees. To finish, everyone will have a chance to create a piece of art using natural resources.

Suitable for: KS2 Duration: 2 hours

Talk about the weather

Hyde Park, St James’s Park or Brompton Cemetery

Become a junior meteorologist. We’ll learn how to gather and record important weather data such as temperature, wind speed and direction, and rainfall. Use innovative as well as traditional equipment and record data using the correct units.

Suitable for: KS2 Duration: 2 hours

Summer 2021

For summer term 2021, we are currently able to take provisional bookings of our normal programme. We will then review the Covid-19 situation with you nearer the time.

Plan your visit

Have you chosen which sessions you’d like to join? Have a look at our practical information (including details on prices and bursaries), or go ahead with planning your visit by filling out our enquiry form. If you have any questions, just drop us a line on 0300 061 2286 or email

A few minutes of your time can help us to make a huge difference for years to come.