The Regent's Park from above
The Regent's Park & Primrose Hill

Managing the Royal Parks

We are responsible for caring for the most prestigious collection of urban parks in the world.

Our park management strategies and management plans  

Every decision we make is guided  by our charitable objects and our Corporate strategy and delivered through a framework of Park management plans.  

Our plans aim to help us protect the parks, the people who use them, and the planet. 

Each of the parks and spaces we manage are designed or managed landscapes. They are the result of human intervention, combined with biodiversity and natural processes. To preserve and enhance them they need careful, sustainable management. 

Our management strategies and plans are central to our continuing commitment to enhance the parks for both people and wildlife, and to conserve those things that make them special. 

Our plans are set to challenge us to be excellent and future-facing in our decisions and in all our day-to-day actions and choices.

The parks are managed in line with current legislation, with regulations designed to balance the needs of different park visitors and look after the parks. 

The Royal Parks of the future 

Unlike much of our built heritage, our natural and designed landscapes are ever changing. It is important that our parks are managed meet the challenges of the climate emergency, our changing society, and conserving our precious biodiversity.  The strategies and plans you’ll find here have been carefully developed to ensure that the Royal Parks remain as relevant and valuable tomorrow, as they are today. 

Support our work

Join us in our mission to protect and nurture your beloved parks. Together, we can preserve these beautiful and historic spaces.

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    Management plans

    Our management plans explain how we look after each of the Royal Parks.

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    Park strategies

    Learn about our strategies for conserving and enhancing the built and natural environments.

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    Publications & policies

    See this section for our Annual Reports, strategies, policies and a range of project and initiative publications

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    Regulations & legislation

    Park regulations are a set of rules designed to help us balance the needs of different park visitors and look after the parks.

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    Visitor research

    Our visitor research helps us to better balance the needs of our visitors with the wildlife and habitats of the Royal Parks.