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The following cycling reports are available for download:

  • London Parks Cymposium 2016 (PDF 1.3 MB) - The first London Parks Cymposium (Cycle Symposium) was quietly successful in its aim to bring together parks professionals to consider the impacts of cycling within parks and the implications of the growth in cycling in London.
  • Mount Walk 2016 post-improvement survey (PDF 20.6 MB) - Independent cycling and monitoring survey undertaken by Atkins in 2016 on Mount Walk in Kensington Gardens following improvement works.
  • Mount Walk 2015 pre-improvement survey (PDF 10.5 MB) - Independent cycling and monitoring survey undertaken by Atkins in 2015 on Mount Walk in Kensington Gardens ahead of improvement works.
  • Queen's Walk Shared Use Cycle Path Feasibility Study 2016 (PDF 25.0 MB) - The Royal Parks have considered if Queen’s Walk in The Green Park is suitable for cycling, however based on an independent feasibility study and information from our Ipsos Mori Visitor Survey we have confirmed that it is not an appropriate path for cycling. The entrance area of Green Park Underground station is one of the busiest entrances on our whole estate and the constrained pavement, slope and gate arrangement means it would significantly impact on the visitors and park operations. The findings conclude that there are alternative on road solutions that would accommodate cycling.
  • Marylebone Green Cycle Route Feasibility Study 2012 (PDF 8.1 MB) - The Royal Parks concluded that the provision of a cycle route across Marylebone Green was not practicable or necessary when an alternative quietway route is available making use of Chester Road, the Inner Circle and York Bridge Road. The paths across Marylebone Green are narrow, busy with pedestrians and have conflict points at junctions especially near the children’s playground. The area is also used annually for events which would result in extended periods of diversion. The feasibility study has also been superseded by a focus on creating improved and safer North South cycle routes through the new Cycle Superhighway CS11 which includes significant improvements to junctions on the Outer Circle.
  • Kensington Gardens Shared Use Trial - Final Report - October 2002 (PDF 1.3 MB) - This report details the results of three user surveys taken shortly before the scheme implementation date of spring 2001, shortly after and 1 year after with the intention of highlighting and quantifying any concerns over the shared use operation.

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