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Management Plans are the principal strategic documents for the management of the Royal Parks. They are used in combination with other policy and strategy documents to assist Park Managers in the management of these Grade 1 listed landscapes.

A Landscape Management Plan is produced for each park. They are submitted as part of the Green Flag and Green Heritage Awards to Keep Britain Tidy.

Landscape Management Plans

The Landscape Management Plans set out the strategic and historical context for each park, and describe the natural fabric and landscape of the different character areas. The significance of each element is assessed and informs the development of policies to guide its future management. These ten year plans provide a vision for the next one hundred years and are reviewed at key points with a major review every 10 years.

The management plans set out the guiding policies for conservation, the natural and built fabric, public access and enjoyment and specific policies relating to each character area. They also set out the process for monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the plans.

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