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Our Management Plans are the principal documents that direct our long-term thinking.

They are strategic in nature, setting out our 100 year vision for each Royal Park and the broad objectives which guide their management.

In her 1970 book New Lives New Landscapes Nan Fairbrother writes:

Landscape... is not a static background which we inhabit, but the interaction of society and the habitat it lives in, and if either man or the habitat changes then so inevitably must the resulting landscape...

Landscape = habitat + man

...the natural environment changed by a creature who is himself constantly changing. It is thus the result of an equation which can never be stable, and if it has seemed so in the past it is because the pace of landscape change has been slow compared with our brief human generations.

We understand that the Royal Parks are not static places.

Since before they were enclosed, the natural and built fabric of the parks is a result of change caused by natural processes or human interaction.

Our Management Plans help us take account of historical change, collate current information, set out park-wide policies and equip us to make lasting management decisions.

Over the next two years, we will be publishing updated plans for:

2020 - Hyde Park
2020 - St James’s Park and The Green Park

Below you can find links to the eight Royal Parks' Management Plans.

We carry out a review of each document every 5 years and a full redraft every 10 years.

The Royal Parks win prestigious Landscape Institute award

The Richmond Park Management Plan wins ‘Transforming landscape through management and science’ category.

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