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The Kensington Gardens Tree Strategy (2014) follows on from the 2010 Tree Strategy and focuses on specific proposals for tree planting in defined areas and avenues within the Gardens.  It is essentially an action plan developed with the objective of ensuring a suitable succession of trees within the Gardens.

The plans will reinforce the outlines of the celebrated Charles Bridgeman layout (1733) and will ensure the integrity of the historic landscape.

Species proposed have been carefully considered to achieve a suitable balance of historical integrity, ecological enhancement, landscape diversity and arboriculture interest.

The majority of planting is to fill existing gaps and to provide succession and/or to reinforce weakened patterns in the Bridgeman layout. The Royal Parks have already commenced some planting, as in the recent works to reinstate the Great Bow undertaken this past winter (2014/2015) and here the plans are essentially like-for-like replacements.

Provisionally up to 300+ trees will be planted up to 2023, planting in the region of 30-50 trees per year, a manageable number for the team here to undertake.

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