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The Royal Parks commissioned Ipsos MORI to conduct seasonal visitor counts and research across all eight Royal Parks during 2013 and 2014.

Pedestrians, cyclists, dogs and horses and riders were all counted, confirming an estimated 77.7 million visits to the Royal Parks for the year from November 23, 2013, over 68 million of which were pedestrians. Research survey for 12 months from August 2013 also shows that 98% of those interviewed rated the quality of the parks as either excellent or good.

Visitors were counted manually over four waves using cameras at key park exit points on both week days and weekends. Data was then extrapolated to provide the overall count figures and reflects the numbers of people using our parks, be it for leisure, recreation, entertainment or walking or cycling to or from work. The research survey was carried out through face-to-face interviews, which also included questions about the types of facilities users wanted in the parks

Understanding how many visitors are coming to our parks and what their priorities are is valuable information for us as guardians of these unique spaces.

It allows us to plan effectively, ensure our resources are used in the right way and maintain the balance between users of the parks and the need to sustain the natural and wildlife environment.

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