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Every four years, we commission a piece of research which looks at visitor satisfaction levels across the parks. Conducted by leading research company, Ipsos MORI, the most recent round took place between August 2017 and September 2018, when 2,787 randomly-selected park visitors were interviewed in the parks. You can read the full report online.

Visitors remain extremely positive about the parks, with 96% of all respondents rating the overall quality of the parks as excellent or good. Some of the highlights of the research show:

  • 94% rate the quality of the natural environment as excellent or good
  • 91% rate the tidiness and cleanliness of the parks as excellent or good
  • 99% of visitors feel very or quite safe in the parks

Understanding what it is about the parks that people enjoy, and what additional information they would like, is invaluable information for us as guardians of these unique spaces. It allows us to plan more effectively, ensure our resources are used in the right way, and balance the needs of our visitors with the sensitive and sustainable conservation of these heritage landscapes.

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