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Mission: Invertebrate is a project aiming to enrich wildlife in the Royal Parks, some of the largest and busiest greenspaces in London. We’re getting people of all ages involved in our work to make sure Mission: Invertebrate’s impact lasts long into the future. Together we are improving habitats in our parks, conducting research, and putting on engagement events to spread the word – all to help invertebrates thrive!

This year Mission: Invertebrate have commissioned two colourful and creative invertebrate-themed murals that celebrate the fantastic biodiversity of The Regent’s Park. The murals showcase the park’s unique flora and fauna and will cover the walls of the toilet block adjacent to the recently reopened Gloucester Gate Playground. The south-facing wall will depict daytime animal species, such as butterflies, dragonflies, and birds, while the north-facing wall will feature nocturnal species such as bats, hedgehogs, and moths.

The artists commissioned to paint the mural is well-known street artist ATM and Karen Francesca, whose work adorns walls across the country from Lanarkshire to Kent, in settings as diverse as museums, housing estates and nature reserves. They are committed to raising awareness of endangered species and inspiring people to engage with nature.

These visually striking murals are the perfect complement to the redesigned playground. In 2019/20 the space underwent a complete transformation that saw the old, flat and metal playground replaced with an accessible and modern space made from natural materials such as wood, rope, bark and willow, and interspersed with hedges, trees, flowers and grass. The artworks are fun and accessible and represent a new way for visitors to connect with nature and wildlife.   We hope that visitors young and old will be inspired to discover and protect the wildlife of The Regent’s Park and the diverse habitats across the park where they make their homes.

These works are being delivered by The Royal Parks’ Mission: Invertebrate project. Thanks to the support of players of People’s Postcode Lottery, we deliver habitat improvements, conduct research, and spread the word about the importance of invertebrates.

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