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When the gyms closed for lockdown, the parks welcomed people to come and exercise. As using the trees and benches in the Royal Parks isn't allowed, we asked fitness instructor Ola to share a few moves that will be kind to your body and your park.

1. Side to side plank squat

This is a great compound movement which works the major muscles of your abs, arms and legs. It is also great at increasing your heart rate.

2. Lateral shuffle

This is an agility drill movement that helps to improve coordination, balance and response time. It targets muscles on the lower half of your body such as the glutes, hips, thighs and calves. This is great with helping to tone your glutes area and makes a great addition to a cardio-focused workout.

3. Walking lunges

This is a low impact exercise and especially useful for those experiencing lower back pain. It improves balance and also boosts hip and hamstring flexibility which helps with performing other compound exercises such as squats. It’s also amazing for glutes, quads and abs muscles, basically legs, bums and tums in one movement.

4. Monster walk

Another great hip flexor exercise which helps with loosening those stiff hip muscles as well as your extensors and abductors. These bad boys are also great at strengthening those glutes muscles helping to tone and lift.

5. Squat twist

This compound exercise works on multiple muscles at once, most especially your glutes. With the twist involved, not only does it engage your abs and oblique muscles, it also introduces three axis of motion which enhances intensity and therefore leads to increased heart rate and more muscles tone.

With thanks to Ola. You can see more on her Instagram.

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