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The Royal Parks (TRP) follows UK Government and European Union policy on public procurement which is to comply with the various legal requirements in force and to acquire goods, services and works by competition wherever possible.

TRP currently advertises all tenders valued over £50,000 on the UK Government's Contracts Finder website.

This site enables suppliers to download tender documents for a particular requirement. Tenderers must ensure that their tender submissions are returned to the address stated in the advert before the tender submission deadline. Any tender-related questions should be emailed to

Current Tenders

Hyde Park Music Festival (HPMF) 2020–25

The Royal Parks (TRP) is inviting tenders for the operation and management of the Hyde Park Music Festival (HPMF). We expect to let a single contract to an Event Organiser to deliver all aspects of event management on our behalf and in accordance with the Specification. The event contract for the operation and management of the Hyde Park Musical Festival is offered for a 6-year period commencing in 2020.

An advert has been published on the Contracts Finder website on Monday 11th March 2019. When this advert goes live (within 48-72 hrs of the publish date), it will provide a link to our e-tendering portal from where the tender pack can be downloaded. The submission deadline for completed Selection Questionnaires is 14:00 on Monday 5th April 2019.

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