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Our mission is to discover more about invertebrates in London’s Royal Parks. By conducting scientific research projects in the parks, we can find out exactly what animals are there, and how they live.

Once we know this, we can adapt our park management practices, creating and maintaining habitats to encourage invertebrates to flourish. Our findings will also make an important contribution to global invertebrate research.

However, there are two big issues we need to address before we try to learn about invertebrates in the Royal Parks:

  1. There are 40,000 species of British invertebrate – how should we choose what to study?
  2. The Royal Parks are huge, covering 5,000 acres of London – where do we start?

That is where you come in. Citizen Science is people-powered research. With your help, scientists are able to conduct research projects that would not be possible if they were working on their own. And the great news is that anyone can be a researcher. There are lots of ways to get involved - just sign up to one of our volunteer days to find out more! You don’t need to have any specialist knowledge, and all our volunteers receive training before they start.

We have some exciting projects coming up in 2019. Information about them will be posted here soon, but if you'd like to see other volunteering opportunities in The Royal Parks visit our volunteer hub and register with us.

City Nature Challenge

Take part in a global competition between 26th and 29th April by finding and identifying insects, plants, animals and fungi in London. Join us and help to protect urban wildlife.

Current volunteering opportunities

Find out about the current opportunities for volunteering in the Royal Parks.

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