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As part of the Urban Tree Festival, The Royal Parks invite you and your KS2 students to get creative and speak out about the impact of urban trees during the climate emergency.

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In this set of free, curriculum-linked virtual workshops, your students will hone their skills and create poetry, creative and descriptive writing, research, and art to engage and inform members of the public of the importance of urban trees during the climate emergency.

Each participating school will receive a set of lesson plans, supporting introduction videos and student workbooks. Your students will spotlight a species of tree, found within the Royal Parks from the classic Oak to the famous Weeping Beech. Pick your favourite piece of work and we will feature it on The Royal Parks’ website and social media channels.

Workshops include:

Story (suitable for all KS2)

Students will learn how to structure stories and use adjectives to build their own character. Using the workbook they will consider the different parts of their stories before beginning a creative writing task.

Poetry (suitable for all KS2)

Following the video and workbook, students will analyse a poem and learn about rhyme, rhythm, syllables, haiku’s and acrostic poems before turning their hand to becoming poets.

Art (suitable for all KS2)

Using the mediums of pencils, paint and paper, students will be led through activities considering scale, size, shape and the use of light to add depth to paintings. They’ll then be tasked with creating an inspirational work of art around the theme of climate change and your school's tree species.

Research Poster (suitable for upper KS2)

In this more challenging workshop, students will be conducting their own research into their school's tree species to create a research poster. They’ll learn about reliable sources, scientific drawing and will practice descriptive writing. They'll then need to gather and organise their research into an informative poster.

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