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There are lots of ways you can help protect the vulnerable population of hedgehogs that live in The Regent’s Park.

Volunteer as a ‘Hedgehog Hero’

Volunteer on one of our upcoming nocturnal hedgehog surveys in The Regent’s Park and be a 'Hedgehog Hero'. Contact the Volunteer Team at to find out more.

Out in the park

While you're out and about in the park, you can...

  • Take all of your litter home with you – polystyrene cups, plastic beer can loops, elastic bands and other litter can all be harmful to hedgehogs.
  • Take care when driving or cycling at dusk on park roads – we discovered our hedgehogs like to cross over the roads!
  • Don't allow your dog to rummage in the undergrowth in the park as they may disrupt hedgehog nesting sites.
  • Let us know if you spot a hedgehog – your records of hedgehog sightings can help us in our work. If you see an injured hedgehog in the park in the daytime please call the park office on 0300 061 2001 with details of its location.

At home

To find out how you can help hedgehogs in your garden visit Hedgehog Street.

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