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Please be advised that we are no longer accepting any further event applications for major events in 2017.

If you are interested in holding a major event in 2018 onwards, please submit your completed application form to

Fees will be calculated in line with your event proposal.

Our eight Royal Parks are among the most visited attractions in the UK and we have a long tradition of hosting events, including those of an historic or national significance. Events provide a vital source of income to The Royal Parks; without our event income we could not continue to maintain the parks to high standards against a backdrop of declining government funding.

As custodians of these unique spaces, we seek to balance the enjoyment and inclusion that events in open spaces can bring to the communities and visitors we serve locally, nationally and internationally, with the provision of spaces for quiet enjoyment and relaxation.

Hosting Major Events in the Royal Parks (PDF 1075.88 KB) outlines why we host events, the guiding principles by which we prioritise events, and our approach to hosting events.