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Upcoming Events

Join us for our weekly play sessions on Wednesdays

Children and their adults are invited to join our team of playworkers for what the UK press have called ‘The Summer of Play’. In these child-led play sessions we will provide the equipment and support for children to be as imaginative, physical, social, solitary and creative as they need. From dressing up to making up games; from constructing cardboard space-ships to knocking down towers of teddy bears – we will ensure that the possibilities are endless.

Play in the Park’s friendly and informed playworkers will be on hand to chat more about the benefits of child – led outdoor play and we hope you’ll come along to see (and play!) for yourself.

3.15 – 6.15 p.m. (after school)

1:30 – 4:30 p.m. (school holidays)

Gloucester Gate Playground

Summer Half Term : 2nd June

After School : 16th and 30th June and 11th July

Summer Holidays : 14th August

Somers Town

After School : 9th  June and 23rd June (Polygon Road Open Space)

After School : 7th and 21st July (location TBC)

Cumberland Park -  in partnership with The Regent's Park Timebank

Summer Holidays : 28th July, 18th and 25th August


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Play Saviours!

If you are aged between 5-15 and live locally, we want to hear your views on play, including what you do for fun and what activities we should offer. Each participant will receive a gift card for a personalised treasure trail to do in your local area:

Follow a self-guided TREASURE TRAIL through the winding backstreets and hidden corners of villages, towns and cities around the UK. Crack the clues along the route to unlock incredible stories from the past and solve the mystery at the end. Before you know it, you’ve walked a couple of miles, taken in the highlights, put your heads together as a family and return home with a massive smile on your face! For more information visit

To register your interest email with your name, age and the first three characters of your postcode.

Bug Competition Winner

In winter, we asked children what is your favourite invertebrate and why? Congratulations to Kaleb Hanson, aged 9 who has won a real life bug hunt in The Regent's Park with the experts from Mission: Invertebrate. You can read his entry below:

If I was an invertebrate I would be an “Antle” this would be a cross a little bit between an ant and a beetle and a magical made up creature. This is because I love both these species and I couldn’t choose which one to pick to enter this, so I thought I would pick a mix of both and create my own creature in there too !!!

An Antle is a beetles body with an ants head and has little webbed wings to fly. It would live in a large colony under the ground and spend a lot of time collecting food, protecting our queen antle and act as a decomposers, feeding on waste and other insects. Antles are also quite keen on eating candy floss and popcorn, so we would rely on little children walking by to drop snacks for us to come out and eat.

Antles would sleep in the day and come out at night when all the people at the park have gone home and they would fly above the ground with X-ray vision glow in the dark eyes and look out for food left behind by children in the day. Antles would help with climate change as their poo which is hazardous and highly toxic would breakdown  plastic bottles and other rubbish in the park and prevent landfill waste!

Overall Antles are a great little magical invertebrate who are really cool and important to the environment!!!! Save the Antles!!!

Past activities

You can view examples of our past Play in the Park activities here.

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Register your interest in future events at Gloucester Gate playground or simply ask us a question about The Royal Parks' play programme.

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