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Greenwich Park is an outstanding place to visit. As well being of major historic importance and a World Heritage Site, the Park is also a Grade 1 listed landscape and a Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation - in short, a real haven for wildlife.

The Wilderness - Deer Park

Greenwich is the oldest of London's deer parks and has been home to Red and Fallow Deer since it was enclosed.


Information about the bats found in Greenwich Park.


Greenwich Park is an excellent site for bird watching. Over a year you can expect to see up to 70 wild bird species.

Grasses and Wildflowers

Information about the grasses and wildflowers in Greenwich Park.


Information about the invertebrates in Greenwich Park including butterflies, spiders and grasshoppers.


Ancient trees, such as the sweet chestnuts and the many other mature and veteran tree species to be found in Greenwich Park.