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Guided walks of the Isabella Plantation

Free guided walks of the Isabella Plantation take place each month.

To find the next date, see Upcoming events in Richmond Park.

Public notice: The Isabella Plantation has now reopened to visitors.

The disabled visitors car park is open all week and also at weekends, and can be accessed from Richmond Gate, Ham Gate or Kingston Gate 7 days a week. Following the introduction of the Movement Strategy trials, this car park cannot be accessed from Roehampton Gate at weekends, or from Sheen Gate at any time.

We have taken the decision to cancel the free minibus service for the remainder of 2020 due to the recent alterations in the road layout at Richmond Park that make it difficult to access the request stops, and concerns over the safety of passengers and volunteer drivers during the current crisis. We hope to resume the service next year and will update on this when we have news.

The Isabella Plantation is open all year round (view Richmond Park opening hours) with the exception of a small number of early closures during April/May, see Oak Processionary Moth for further information.

There are now two toilet blocks within Isabella, one near Still Pond, and one by Peg's Pond gate. The toilet at Still Pond is open between April and November, the toilet at Peg's Pond gate is open year round. Both have wheelchair accessible cubicles.  There is a baby change facility at the Peg's Pond gate toilet.

The recent physical work has improved many path surfaces and bridges and has included installing more benches. Four trails of varying lengths have been marked using log signs within Isabella Plantation and are colour coded.

Getting to Isabella Plantation

By bus

The nearest bus routes to the Isabella Plantation are the No 85 and K3 (Warren Road Stop) buses which stop near Ladderstile Gate a pedestrian access on the south east side of the park. A way marked trail leads pedestrians from Ladderstile Gate to Isabella Plantation's Broomfield Hill Gate after a 15 minute walk.

There is also a seasonal bus service (RP1) that operates within Richmond Park that stops at the Isabella Plantation.

By car

Two car parks serve Isabella Plantation these include Broomfield Hill car park situated on the park's south eastern perimeter and also Peg's Pond car park, a dedicated car park for those with disabilities situated adjacent to the Plantation's north-western boundary.

By bike

Cycling is permitted to the Peg's Pond Gate of Isabella Plantation within the disabled user's car park, accessed from the main park road at Ham Cross. This gate has a cycle stand.

On foot

There are five gates providing pedestrian access to Isabella Plantation namely Peg's Pond Gate from the disabled user's car park, Broomfield Hill Gate, Bramble Gate,  Deer Sanctuary Gate and High Wood Gate.

Motorised wheelchair available

A motorised wheelchair, which makes the job of pushing considerably easier, may be loaned for use within the Garden on weekdays between 9.00 and 15.00. Please ring 0300 061 2200 to book the chair by noon on the day before it is required.

Seasonal Bus Service

Between 1st June - 28th October 2020, there is a free bus service running every Wednesday stopping at Richmond Park main car parks and Isabella Plantation Peg's Pond gate.

Guided walks of the Isabella Plantation

Free guided walks of the Isabella Plantation take place each month.

To find the next date, see Upcoming events in Richmond Park.

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