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In addition to our scheduled events and walks we've got a number of self-led ways to explore the parks, for people that want to wander but would like a little direction.

All of our activities are guaranteed to get you walking and discovering interesting things about the history, wildlife and horticulture around you.

Royal Parks Explorer

Discover the magic of the parks in the palm of your hand!

We've launched a free scavenger hunt game for your mobile phone that takes you on an adventure through some of London’s most popular parks. Move at your own pace between the park’s most interesting sights uncovering photo challenges, amazing facts and games for all ages to enjoy.

How to download the app

  • Click on the buttons below and follow the on-screen link to your phone's app store
  • Download the app to your phone and open it
  • In most cases the Royal Parks game data should download automatically without an access code
  • That's it. All you need to do now is set up your game profile and play!

Download the Hyde Park game
If prompted, enter the Hyde Park game code 492533708128

Download the Kensington Gardens game
If prompted, enter the Kensington Gardens game code 226087050557

Download the St James's Park game
If prompted, enter the St James's Park game code 317358565072

Once installed you can join the Royal Parks Explorer walk to discover the nature and history that lies within one of London’s most iconic parks. You can explore as much or as little as you like, and we'll be releasing new content throughout the year.

Music for Trees, Regent's Park

This is a free app that offers original pieces of music, specially composed to be listened to under the trees in an area of Regent's Park. It's well worth a visit to discover the calming and immersive combination of nature and sound.

Inspired by one of our tree specialists, we worked with the Royal Academy of Music who created compositions based on each tree. See the trees up close in a new way, learn more about them through the information on the app, or just close your eyes and let the music take you away.

Download Music for Trees now

When Music for Trees officially launches we will publish a more in-depth look at the creation and development of this amazing mobile app.

St. James's Park Tree Walk

Take a relaxing walk around St. James's Park and learn about the many different trees that can be found within its grounds.

Our handy printable guide will help you to identify native British species as well as a variety of non-native species introduced to Britain from Europe, Asia and the Americas. Colourful illustrations on the map show each of the trees alongside their leaves and seeds, making it quick and easy to identify each one.

The St. James's Park Tree Walk is approximately 1.3 miles long and the circular route is marked clearly on the map - in addition to the important buildings and park landmarks that you will discover on your journey.

Download the St. James's Park Tree Walk map

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