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Greenwich Park

Code of conduct for Commercial dog walking

Commercial Dog Walking licence holders are expected to adhere to the Code of conduct when walking dogs in the Royal Parks.

The purpose of the code of conduct is:

  • Ensure considerate use between those undertaking licensed commercial dog walking activities in the park and other park users.
  • To protect the parks and their wildlife.
  • To ensure access to and use of public open space is preserved for all visitors.
  • To work alongside a licence agreement to ensure that operators are complying with current health and safety regulation and best industry practice for the safety and enjoyment of all.

The Code

The licensee shall not have exclusive rights over any area of the Authority's Premises and shall ensure that right of way is given to members of the general public visiting the Authority's Premises.

Licensee's shall leave the Authority's Premises in a clean and tidy condition and be liable for any loss of or damage to any Authority's Property through their direct improper use.

The Licensee shall abide by The Royal Park Regulations.

The Licensee shall not display, produce or distribute any sign or advertisement. The restriction of advertising applies to all boards, hoardings, flags, posters, etc. displaying any organisation or company or brand name of any goods, including those of the Licensee.

The Licensee must ensure that no particular area of the Authority's Premises is overused to the extent that it causes unreasonable wear and tear to the fabric of the park e.g. waterlogged, obviously worn and muddy areas.

The Licensee must wear a Licensed Operator identification armband in a way that is clearly visible to the public and Park Management representatives at all times while in the park. Where applicable the parking permit must be on display in your vehicle.

Ensure all dogs in your Group wear a collar with identification, your contact details and the dog owner's contact details.

Ensure you have a lead for each of your dogs.

Pre-screen your dogs and only bring those with proper social skills, do not bring in dogs that exhibit aggressive behaviour.

Maintain your professionalism; keeping your dogs under control at all times - any dog whose obedience cannot be guaranteed must be kept on a lead. Devote full attention to your Group to the maximum extent that is practicable and exhibit courteous behaviour to with all people and dogs you meet in the park.

Please consider other park users may not be as fond of dogs, and that some people - especially small children - can find dogs intimidating. Keep your dogs in sight at all times.

Dog waste left in the park is unpleasant for other park users, unhygienic and causes serious ecological damage to plant and animal communities. It is an offence under The Royal Park Regulations to fail to clean up after your dog. Dog waste should be placed in a tightly sealed bag and taken home or deposited in the bins marked for dog waste or in the general waste bins. Dog waste bins are provided in all Royal Parks. Anyone failing to clean up after their dog may be issued with a fine by the Police or face prosecution. Be prepared and bring more dog bags than you need, share them with other dog walkers in the park if requested.

During Deer Birthing season in Bushy and Richmond Parks (May to August) we recommend that dogs are not brought in to the two parks to avoid attacks from defensive mothers. If you are unable to find alternative locations then we require all dogs to be kept on leads at all times.

Park 'No Go' Zones

You are not permitted to use:

  • Areas within the park where Group dog walking activities have a negative impact on other park users, residents and Licensee's;
  • Areas clearly marked as sports fields, any formal garden areas and other park sensitive locations such as; waterside areas, picnic areas, conservation areas, etc.
  • Areas closed for renovation or upgrading.

A list of areas of the park unsuitable locations for commercial dog walking is available under the terms and conditions. There may be other areas that have restrictions and the Authority may issue seasonal instructions from time to time - please look out for notices and regularly check The Royal Parks website.

Park 'No Go' Activities

The following activities are not to be conducted by Licensees:

  • Aggressive, intimidating, unruly or unreasonably noisy activities that interfere with the comfort of other visitors.
  • Walking groups of more than 4 dogs, it can be difficult to control large numbers of dogs so no-one should be in charge of more than 4 dogs at any one time. Do not congregate with other licensees, or non-commercial dog walkers, where the number of dogs collectively exceeds 8 dogs in total.
  • Dogs threatening or interfering with wildlife or the enjoyment of other park users. Permitting your dog to chases to chase, injure of kill any form of wildlife is an offence under The Royal Parks Regulations. You may face prosecution.

As a licence holder you agree to abide by these guidelines at all times. Non compliance to the above Code of Conduct, Section I of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and The Royal Park Regulations means you are at risk of losing your licence and being asked to leave the park with immediate effect.