Dog watching ducks on a pond
Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park

Professional dog walking licence T&Cs

Terms and Conditions for Professional Dog Walking Registration and Use of The Park
1. Issue of Annual Licence 

1.1. This licence is granted by the Authority to the Licensee on the Commencement 
Date subject to the acceptance of these terms and conditions and payment of 
the Licence Fee.

1.2. The Authority has the right to withdraw this Licence at its own 
discretion. Any annual fee will be reimbursed to the Licensee pro rata with a 
deduction of any departmental expenses incurred.

2. Interpretation 

2.1. In these terms and conditions: 

"Application" means the application form submitted by the Licensee as varied 
by any amendment agreed by the Licensee and the Authority or any direction 
issued by the Authority.

"Approval" and "Approved" means the written acceptance by the Authority.

"Authority" means The Royal Parks, Company Registration No: 10016100 
Registered Charity No: 1172042and includes any person nominated to act as 
the Authority's Representative such as the Park Manager.

"Authority's Property" means any property on the Authority's Premises. This shall 
include any building or other structure (whether or not permanent), statue of 
monument, pavement, road surface, footpath, railing, fence, tree, shrub or 
flower bed, grass, soil, wildlife, feature of fauna and flora, Park furniture, lamp 
post, bench, bin, notice board, sign, gate, recreational equipment, wall, river or 
water body and all other such items located in or on the Authority's premises.

"Condition" means a condition within these Terms and Conditions.

"Dog Walker" means individuals employed or paid by the Licensee to carry out 
the training specified in the Application.

The Royal Parks, 
The Old Police House, 
Hyde Park, London 
W2 2UH
T: +44 (0)300 061 2000 

The Royal Parks is registered in England and Wales: 

Company Registration No: 10016100 Registered Charity No: 1172042
"Group" means the dogs in the Licencee's or their Dog Walker's charge whilst 
undertaking commercial dog walking in the park.

"Licence" means the Approved Application and these terms and conditions 
read together.

"Licence Period" means the period running from the 1st January to the 31st 
December inclusive in any year "Licensee" means the individual or company 
named in the Application.

"Park" means the Park or Parks named in the Application "Parties" means the 
Authority and the Licensee

"Permitted Use" means the use of open grassland excluding those indicated as 
per Appendix I, within the Park or as indicted from time to time as instructed by 
the Authority, for the purpose of providing a dog walking service of a 
commercial aspect where fees are paid to the license.

2.2. The interpretation and construction of the Licence shall be subject 
to the following provisions:

• a reference to any statute, enactment, order, regulation or other similar 
instrument shall be construed as a reference to the statute, enactment, 
order, regulation or instrument as subsequently amended or reenacted;

• the headings to Conditions are for ease of reference only and shall not 
affect the interpretation or construction of the Conditions;

• references to Conditions are references to Conditions in the section of 
the Terms and Conditions in which they appear, unless otherwise 

• where the context allows, the masculine includes the feminine and the 
neuter, and the singular includes the plural and vice versa;

• any notice to be served on the Licensee shall be sent be letter or email 
to the contact details set out in the Application until the Authority 
receives written notification of different contact details;

• any obligation on the part of the Licensee not to do an act or thing 
shall be deemed to include an obligation not to permit or suffer such 
act or thing to be done by any other person