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Fitness training instructor T&Cs

Terms and conditions for personal trainer and group fitness registration and use of the Park

1) Interpretation

In these terms and conditions: - 
“Application” means the application form submitted by the Licensee as varied by any amendment 
agreed by the Licensee and the Authority or any direction issued by the Authority 

“Approval” and “Approved” means the written acceptance by the Authority.

“Authority” means The Royal Parks, Company Registration No: 10016100 Registered Charity No: 1172042 and includes 
any person nominated to act as the Authority’s Representative such as the Park Manager. 

“Authority’s Property” means the following trees, shrubs, railings, fences, lampposts, tables, benches, signs and signposts 
footpaths and all other such items located within the Park. 

“Condition” means a condition within these Terms and Conditions 

“Licensee” means the individual or group named in the Application 

“Licence” means the Approved Application and these terms and conditions read together 

“Licence Period” means the period running from the 1st January to the 31st December inclusive in any year 
“Park” means the Park or Parks named in the Application 

“Trainer” means individuals employed or paid by the Licensee to carry out the training specified in the Application
The interpretation and construction of the Licence shall be subject to the following provisions: 

A reference to any statute, enactment, order, regulation or other similar instrument shall be construed as a 
reference to the statute, enactment, order, regulation or instrument as subsequently amended or re-enacted; 

The headings to Conditions are for ease of reference only and shall not affect the interpretation or construction of 
the Conditions; 

References to Conditions are references to Conditions in the section of the Terms and Conditions in which they 
appear, unless otherwise stated. 

Where the context allows, the masculine includes the feminine and the neuter, and the singular includes the plural 
and vice versa. 

Any notice to be served on the Licensee shall be sent be letter or email to the contact details set out in the 
Application until the Authority receives written notification of different contact details 

2) Registration

2.1 The Licensee and any Trainers must be Approved by the Authority in order to carry out training sessions in the Park. 

2.2 In order to be Approved, the Licensee and any Trainers must have: 

2.2.1 Completed the online application form in full. 

2.2.2 Pay the licence fee and have: 

Current REPS level 3 fitness qualifications 

Current public liability insurance a minimum of £2million, but a preferred £5m, for a minimum of 3 months 
validity at the point of application but to be insured through the Licence Period it is the Licensee’s 
responsibility to ensure that they have valid Insurance at all times and that this covers any Trainer. 

Current Risk assessment. 

First Aid provision and a process for accident reporting. 

Enhanced DBS check if training children or vulnerable adults. 

2.3 Failure to comply with 2.2 shall entitle the Authority to terminate this Licence in accordance with condition 8. 

2.4 The Authority shall be under no obligation to Approve an Application. 

2.5 The Authority reserves the right, when approving an Application, or at any time during the Licence Period by giving 
written notice to the Licensee, to limit the Licensee’s access to the Park. 

2.6 Upon Approval of the Application the Authority will provide the Licensee with identification armband(s) which the 
Licensee and or Trainer must wear at all times whilst carrying out training sessions in the Park and produce upon 
request by any officer or staff of the Authority. It is the Licensee’s responsibility to ensure that its Trainers carry and 
wear the identification issued at all times whilst carrying out training sessions. The Authority will charge a 
replacement fee of £20 (Inc VAT) for each subsequent replacement of the identifying armband. At the end of the 
Licence the Licensee must return all identification armbands to the Authority. 

2.7 Following Approval of the Application the Licensee may carry out training sessions in the Park, during the hours which 
the Park is open to members of the public or as specified in any direction issued by the Authority.
2.8 The Licensee acknowledges that: 

2.8.1 This Licence does not guarantee that the Park will be open or that there will be space in the Park for the 
Licensee or Trainer to carry out training sessions. 

2.8.2 This Licence does not grant a Trainer priority over any other lawful user of the Park and that any pitch 
bookings, events or booked group activities will take priority over training sessions and the Licensee or 
Trainer is expected to relocate if a conflict of interest occurs. 

3) Licence fee

3.1 The Licence fee payable by the Licensee shall be: 

3.1.1 In accordance with the charging matrix as advertised on the Authority’s website, together with VAT on such 
fee. In the instance where 6% of annual turnover is taken by the Authority as part of the Licence fee the 
Licensee is responsible for producing the required documentation as proof of its turnover four weeks prior to 
the end of the Licence period and making an additional payment of the percentage owed to the Authority by 
the end of the Licence period. 

3.1.2 If a Licensee wishes to conduct group and individual training sessions they must apply for both and pay the 
relevant charges for each. 

3.1.3 If an Application is approved for activities involving ‘camps’ (A focused number of back-to-back sessions with 
different participants in each) at different times during the Licence Period then there may be additional charges 
and or restrictions placed on the Licensee by the Authority.
3.2 Where the Application is approved after the 1st January the Licence fee shall be reduced on a pro-rata basis. The 
Licensee should contact the individual Park concerned to determine the amount of licence fee payable. 

4) Duration

4.1 Subject to condition 8, this Licence shall continue until the end of the Licence Period, upon expiry the Licensee may re-apply for to be approved for a further year but nothing in this Licence shall imply any obligation on the Authority to 
approve a further application. 

5) Licensee obligations

5.1 The Licensee shall, and shall ensure that its Trainer will, at all times exercise the rights and duties under this Licence in 
a proper and responsible way, having regard to the safety of users of the Park the Authority’s staff and other third 

5.2 Any equipment used must be hand held only; any equipment used or activities undertaken must not be detrimental to 
the Park, the Authority’s Property or any wildlife. 

5.3 The Licensee shall ensure that the Authority’s Property is not used for the purpose of fitness training. 

5.4 The Licensee must not, and if appropriate shall ensure that it’s Trainer do not, leave any equipment or rubbish in the 
Park following a training session and shall ensure the Park is left in the same condition that it is found. The Authority 
reserves the right to charge the Licensee the cost of reinstating the Park to its original condition where substantial 
damage is caused as a result of the training sessions held by the Licensee or its Trainer. 

5.5 The Licensee and its Trainer must not cause an annoyance or nuisance or interfere with the reasonable enjoyment of 
other persons using the Park. 

5.6 The Licensee or its Trainer must adhere to and comply with the Authority’s Code of Conduct at all times whilst 
conducting training sessions within the Park. A map depicting the formal garden areas of the Park and other unsuitable 
locations for training is available and the Licensee must avoid training in these areas and other smaller sensitive areas of 
the Park such as; waterside areas, picnic areas, deck chair areas, long grass, meadow land, conservation areas etc. 

5.7 The Licensee shall comply with “The Royal Parks and Other Open Spaces Regulations 1997” as amended. Copies are 
obtainable from HMSO and online and can be seen on Park notice boards and the Authority’s website. 

5.8 This Licence does not allow or permit vehicle access into the Park provided that this condition does not prevent the 
Licensee or its Trainer from parking in any car park within the Park subject to the payment of any parking charges. 

5.9 The Licensee shall not display, produce or distribute any sign or advertisement whilst within the Park except to clients 
undertaking training. The restriction of advertising applies to all boards, hoardings, flags, posters etc. displaying any 
organisation, company or brand name of any goods, including those of the Licensee. The Licensee and its Trainer are 
permitted to wear branded clothing as part of a uniform if they so wish. 

5.10 The Licensee and or its Trainer must not play any music whilst within the Park [Any music played within the Park must 
not be at such a level as to cause a nuisance to other users of the Park or properties neighbouring the Park and the 
Licensee must have the appropriate Performing Rights Society licence to play music] 

5.11 The Licensee or his Trainer must not collect monies/fees from his clients whilst in the Park. 

5.12 The Licensee will not be permitted to distribute business cards whilst in the Park. 

One session shall be deemed as lasting no longer than 90 minutes and / or engaging the same participants. If the Licensee 
wishes to conduct additional ‘fitness camps’ to their usual business then they must seek permission from the Authority to 
do so prior to any such arrangements being made, carried out or advertised with specific dates, times and locations 
agreed by the Authority. Additional charges may apply for such related intensive camps. 

5.13 The Licensee must not operate outside of the agreed number of weekly sessions and / or the agreed group capacity 

5.14 Each party shall notify the other of any health and safety hazards which may arise in connection with the performance 
of this Licence as soon as they become aware of them 

5.15 While on the Park, the Licensee shall comply with any health and safety measures implemented by the Authority in 
respect of users of the Park 

5.16 The Licensee shall notify the Authority immediately in the event of any incident occurring where that incident causes 
any personal injury or damage to property and if requested by the Authority shall provide a copy of the incident 
investigation report if appropriate 

6) Independent Operator

6.1 Nothing in this agreement shall be construed as creating a partnership, contract of employment or relationship of 
principal and agent between the Authority and the Licensee. 

7) Indemnity & Insurance

7.1 The Licensee shall throughout the Licence Period maintain public liability insurance of not less than two million pounds 
(£2,000,000) however a five million (£5,000,000) level is considerably preferred. Copies of insurance documents must 
be submitted with the Application and a copy of the current policy must be available for inspection by the Authority at 
any time during the Licence Period upon request. 

7.2 The Licensee shall indemnify the Authority fully against all claims, proceedings, actions, damages, legal costs, expenses 
and any other liabilities in respect of any death or personal injury, loss of or damage to property, which is caused 
directly or indirectly by any act or omission of the Licensee PROVIDED ALWAYS that the Authority shall be at 
liberty to settle as it may think fit after consultation with the Licensee any such actions claims or demands by payment 
of such sum or sums as it in his discretion may consider reasonable and it may in his discretion after giving notice in 
writing to the Licensee cause any such damage to be made good and the expenses incurred by the Authority in doing 
or in making any such payment shall be repaid by the Licensee to the Authority on demand PROVIDED 
NEVERTHELESS that the Licensee shall not be required to pay by way of indemnity any sum greater than that which 
would be reasonably payable in settlement having regard to the circumstances of the case and in particular (where the 
payment is legally enforceable) to the damages which might be recoverable at common law.

7.3 Subject to clause 7.4, the Authority is not liable for: 

(a) the death of, or injury to the Licensee, its Trainers, clients or invitees to the Park; or 
(b) damage to any property of the Licensee or that of the Trainers, clients or other invitees to the Park; or 
(c) any losses, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, costs or expenses or other liability incurred by Licensee 
or the Trainer, clients or other invitees to the Park in the exercise or purported exercise of the rights granted by this 

7.4 Nothing in clause 7.3 will limit or exclude the Authority’s liability for: 

(a) death or personal injury or damage to property caused by negligence on the part of the Authority or its employees 
or agents; or 
(b) any matter in respect of which it would be unlawful for the Authority to exclude or restrict liability. 

8) Termination of Agreement

8.1 The Authority may revoke this Licence with immediate effect where the Licensee and/or its Trainer: 

8.1.1 Is in breach of its obligations under this Licence and, where the breach is capable of remedy, fails to remedy 
such breach to the satisfaction of the Authority within 7 calendar days of receipt of written notice to remedy 
the breach.
8.1.2 Acts in any way that is likely to bring the Authority into disrepute or damage its reputation or interests. 

8.2 The Authority may terminate the Licence giving not less than one week’s written notice. 

8.3 Where the Authority terminates this Licence under condition 8.1 the Licensee shall not be entitled to receive any 
refund of the Licence fee or any compensation for any outlay made by the Licensee in connection with this Licence. 

8.4 Where the Authority terminates this Licence under condition 8.2, the Authority shall reimburse the License Fee on a 
pro-rata basis for the remaining duration of the Licence Period but without paying any compensation for any outlay 
made by the Licensee in connection with this Licence. 

8.5 The Licensee must give not less than one month’s written notice to terminate this Licence. No refund for termination 
of the Licence will be given in this instance and any monies outstanding by the Licensee to the Authority will be 
required to be paid in full. 

8.6 For the avoidance of doubt, following termination of this Licence by either party, the Licensee and/or its Trainer shall 
no longer be licensed and therefore not permitted to run training sessions within the Park.

9) General

9.1 Nothing in this Licence shall render or be deemed to render the Licensee or any Trainer an employee or agent of the 

9.2 This Licence contains the entire understanding and agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior 
representations, documents, negotiations or understandings. The Licensee acknowledges that it has not entered into 
this Licence in reliance upon any representation by the Authority or anyone acting on its behalf.
9.3 Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 the Authority is subject to certain legal obligations in relation to 
public disclosure of information. The Licensee shall co-operate with and assist the authority with any requests for 
disclosure which the Authority receives under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 which relate to this Licence. The 
Licensee understands and agrees that the Authority may be required to provide information relating to this Licence or 
the Licensee to a third party in order to comply with its obligations under these provisions 

9.4 Nothing in this Licence shall fetter the Authority in the exercise or discharge of its functions, powers and duties 
(Including, without limitation, the power to close all or part of the Park either on a permanent or temporary basis or to 
temporarily use all or part of the Park for an event). 

9.5 The Authority may, at its discretion, assign or otherwise dispose of any of its rights, obligations and liabilities under this 
Licence without the consent of the Licensee provided that such assignment or disposal shall not increase the burden of 
the Licensee’s obligations under the Licence.

10) Disputes
10.1 In the event that any dispute arises between parties in connection with this Licence, the parties shall, in the first 
instance, use their reasonable endeavours to resolve it amicably themselves. 

10.2 Disputes remaining unresolved shall, if parties agree, be referred to non-binding mediation. 

10.3 In the event that the parties do not agree to non-binding mediation or if the dispute remains unresolved, the dispute 
shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England pursuant to condition 11 below. 

11) Law and Jurisdiction

11.1 This Licence shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and the Authority and Licensee hereby 
submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. 

12) Agreement and Declaration

12.1 That this Licence does not nor is intended to confer any legal or other tenancy estate or interest in respect of the Park 
and that the Authority is not empowered to do so 

12.2 The benefit of this Licence is personal to the Licensee and is not capable of being claimed by any other person body of 
persons firm or corporation whatsoever and shall not be assignable in whole or in part by the Licensee to any such 
person body or persons firm or corporation and for the purposes hereof the parties agree that the Contract (Rights of 
Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply 

12.3 The licensee will submit any proposals for marketing and promotion of its services in the Parks for approval by The 
Royal Parks. Use of The Royal Parks logo is by permission only and can only be used in connection with licensed fitness 
activities in The Royal Parks. The Royal Parks retains all Intellectual Property Rights in its name and brand mark.