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The Royal Parks is embarking on an exciting and ambitious journey to develop a Movement Strategy that will influence movement and transportation throughout our parks and London.

What is the Movement Strategy?

The Movement Strategy will set a long-term vision for how park visitors will move within, access and subsequently experience the parks.

It is anticipated that this will include a series of aspirational projects and proposals across all eight parks that collectively work towards realising the overall goals of the strategy.

The strategy will include a comprehensive exploration of all movement and access related issues and opportunities that are relevant to the parks both now and into the foreseeable future.

This will include (but is not limited to):

  • Increasing safety for all park users
  • Reducing the impact of vehicle-based traffic
  • Increasing considerate behaviour of all park users
  • Understanding the parks’ role within the London transit system

How will it be developed?

To develop the strategy, we will utilise an evidence-based approach to explore all current and future movement opportunities. Input from key stakeholders, including the general public, will be a critical component in exploring possibilities, conflicts and issues that will inform the creation of the strategy.

The strategy will consider the broader context and needs of Greater London, focusing on the key areas which must be addressed to ensure our parks continue to provide high quality urban green spaces for all. This long-term movement vision will set goals, policies, priorities and actions..

We are aiming to achieve adoption of the strategy by December 2019.

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